Adding A Remote Start System To Your Older Car Or Truck

Having a remote starting system in your car can be convenient. However, if you own an older vehicle that didn't come with this system, an aftermarket system can be added by an automotive technician for you. The remote start installation is not overly complicated, but some changes to the wiring are required, and it will not work on every vehicle, so you need to make sure yours meets the requirements.

Automatic Transmissions

One of the first things you need for a remote start installation on your vehicle is an automatic transmission. Vehicles with a standard transmission can not use remote starting because there is no way to disengage the clutch and take the vehicle out of gear to start it remotely. 

Parking the car in neutral is not an option because it could roll or move. Most vehicles with a manual transmission also have a clutch interlock that requires the clutch to be pushed to the floor to start the engine, leaving only one option for remote start installation: automatic transmissions. 

Installing The Wiring

When you have a remote start installation done in your vehicle, the technician will have to add several wires and a control box to the vehicle. The box is used to override the ignition switch to start the car with the switch in the off position. If the wiring is not installed correctly, it may not work correctly. 

There are some kits on the market that promote DIY installation, but because you are cutting into the vehicle's electrical system, it is often better to find an auto shop or tech that can do the remote start installation on your vehicle for you. If something does go wrong, the shop is responsible, and they will fix the issue for you, but if you tried to install the system and made a mistake, you have to then pay for someone to fix it or figure out where the problem is on your own. 

Using Remote Starting

Once the remote start installation is complete, you can start your car with a keyfob or remote from outside the vehicle. There are some things to be aware of as you use the system, which can be critical. Never start the car inside a garage and leave it running there. Carbon monoxide can build up and get into the home if the garage is attached, and this gas is poisonous to breathe.

Make sure the car is locked when you start it and let it run. Even though the keys are not in it, it is better to not take a chance with allowing anyone access to the interior while the car is running remotely. If someone could get the car in gear, it could move unexpectedly and hit your house or other obstacles. 

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